The Future of Plastic Bags?

Introducing the Avani Eco Bag, a bag that is edible and truly biodegradable.  Every year an estimated one trillion plastic bags are used by consumers.  When put into perspective, that’s nearly 2 million bags (1,902,587) every minute! That’s an incredible amount of potential plastic waste.
The Avani Eco-Bag is designed to be completely compostable and is produced from cassava root, vegetable oil, and non-toxic inks. This bag can be consumed by wildlife on land or sea. In cold water, the bag softens and in hot water, the bag completely dissolves.
The bag is safe for plant growth too. When tested at an independent laboratory, studies found that the polymer broke down to carbon dioxide, water, and a natural biomass.
This bio-based polymer would also be perfect for electronic components wrapping, where static electricity must be avoided. The Avani Eco-Bag is one of the few on the market that are truly eco-friendly, and made entirely from renewable resources.  For more information visit:
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