Grant Program Funds Available for Foam Polystyrene Recycling Equipment

The Foam Recycling Coalition opened its grant submission process to support increased recycling of packaging made from foam polystyrene. Both public and private organizations involved in managing residential curbside recycling programs or material recovery facilities are eligible to apply for funding. Grantees are required to communicate the addition of foam polystyrene in their recycling program, both directly to households and in their regular communication materials. Grantees also must commit to collecting, processing and marketing foam polystyrene for a minimum of three years, which includes reporting on the volumes to FRC. The initiative would help fund infrastructure for the collection, processing, and marketing of products made from polystyrene. It targets post-consumer polystyrene products like: cups, plates, bowls, clamshell takeout containers, cafeteria trays, egg cartons, meat trays, protective packaging for shipping electronics, and other fragile items. The FRC will distribute up to $50,000 for each grant. Applications must be submitted by April 17, 2017 for priority consideration.

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