• Events

    Aquaponics: Live Presentation

    Growing Foods, Minds and Community Through Aquaponics Thursday, February 4, 2015, 3:30–5 pm Greg Fripp of Whispering Roots, an award-winning educational program, will give a presentation on the wide-ranging good effects of aquaponics at February’s Sustainability Leadership Presentation Series (SLPS) next week. Join us for the live presentation, join one of the watch parties across the state, or … Read More //


    Plastic Drastic!

    When a colossal storm dumps a mountain of plastic trash onto their shoreline home, a young brother and sister are left alone to find their missing parents and fend for themselves. The boy and girl set out on the open sea where they encounter one gargantuan monster after another, but nothing is as terrifying as … Read More //


    Nebraska’s Most Comprehensive Recycling Guide is being Updated

    We are updating the recycling guide. This guide helps Nebraska businesses and households find service providers for all their waste reduction and recycling needs.  You can search by material, location or organization. If you would like to be included or need to make some changes to your listing contact us at 402-436-2384 or info@wastecapne.org Click to … Read More //

  • News

    WasteCap receives $121,725 from NDEQ Litter Reduction and Recycling Grant

    Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality Director Jim Macy has announced the awarding of $1,635,003 in 54 grants for litter cleanup, recycling, and public education programs and activities. Funds for the Litter Reduction and Recycling Grant Program are generated from a fee charged to certain manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of products that commonly contribute to litter. … Read More //

    How to Properly Manage Used Electronics from the Residential Sector

    Who can collect residential used electronics for recycling in Nebraska? What are the costs of collecting used electronics? Who pays those costs? How do you begin collecting used electronics? What are the best practices of successful collection sites? http://www.wastecapne.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2015.12.28_Electronics-FAQ_FNL-2-1.pdf … Read More //


    Paint in your basement???

    Leftover paint is no small issue in Nebraska. Every year, the state generates more that 500,000 gallons of leftover paint – nearly enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool. Leftover paint can often be reused or recycled, yet most of Nebraska’s leftover paint is thrown in the trash or poured down the drains, damaging Nebraskan … Read More //


    WasteCap Nebraska is recognized for their work with Zero Waste Communities in BioCycle Magazine

    Special thanks to Eco-Cycle for being our Zero Waste Partner! Article Link:  http://www.biocycle.net/2015/11/16/how-your-community-can-be-zero-waste-in-10-years/   … Read More //

  • Spotlights

    Engineering Solutions & Design, Inc.

    WasteCap is proud to announce Engineering Solutions & Design, Inc as a new member. Founded in 1995 to specifically address solid waste issues facing public and private entities, ES&D provides planning, design and construction oversight services for clients throughout the United States. We take pride in our record of delivering exceptional service. ES&D’s sole focus … Read More //


    Minnow Project Expands Services and Repositions Company Brand

    Over a year ago Minnow Project was acquired by Omaha Print and the foundation for a modern day marketing company was formed. Each company brought a robust set of communication tools to the merger. After working as partners for over a year, Minnow Project and Omaha Print will come together to form one exciting new … Read More //


    The Bag Monster dances, Bolsas Plásticas

    Don’t let plastic cover the world. Do something. Don’t let the BagMonster win. Use cloth bags. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV2BeT_DqrU&feature=youtu.be … Read More //

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.