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Strive Towards Sustainability (STS) is a program for small to medium size businesses to jumpstart a new or existing green team, learn how to develop a program of sustainable business practices that save money and reduce environmental impacts, and market accomplishments.  The program begins with a half-day workshop that includes an assessment of your business, training and fact sheets with ideas for improvements.  Participating organizations will earn badges and eco-seals for their eco-achievements that can be shared with employees, sales people, customers and the community.

Key STS objectives are to:

  • Provide sustainable education, technical assistance & consulting to businesses;
  • Recognize businesses for their achievements along their sustainable journey;
  • Create a network of businesses that are integrating tangible sustainability actions into their operations;
  • Encourage those within the STS network to collaborate and support one another;
  • Educate the general public on key sustainability issues and provide a guided standard that is easily recognizable and understood.


Earning Recognition

The STS Program includes a graduated recognition system for participants to report their actions and progress.  Participating businesses can earn badges in each of the nine eco-areas, and subsequently achieve the recognition levels of “Strivers,” “Achievers,” or “Champions”.  A web profile is created for each participating business to convey their achievements to current and potential customers.

The STS Program is intended to work with businesses to improve their practices.  The Program is voluntary and self-reporting.  It provides early recognition and a step-by-step approach for companies to establish sustainable business practices, record their actions, measure the impact and market accomplishments.

The STS Workshop

The first step in the STS Program is a half-day, small-group class that introduces sustainable concepts and business practices, skills for developing priorities, and ideas about how to select and implement projects.  During the workshop, participants:

  • Hear a presentation about sustainability and what it means to your organization
  • Complete an assessment tool with guidance from WasteCap staff
  • Learn how to prioritize the most important high-impact areas in which to improve
  • Commit to a project and draft an implementation plan

Workshop fees*

Nonprofit Rates

Non-member Rate                                                          WasteCap Corporate Member Rate                     

$100 per person                                                               $80 per person

Individual Rates

Non-member Rate                                                          WasteCap Corporate Member Rate                      

$150 per person                                                               $120 per person

Group Rates

Non-member Rate                                                          WasteCap Corporate Member Rate                      

$1,200 group of 10                                                           $960 group of 10

$2,000 group of 20**                                                      $1,800 group of 20**

**Organizations with 20+ participants may arrange to hold the workshop at their workplace.

*All online registrations are subject to a 3% credit card processing fee

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