Policy & Legislation dictate the rules of  how businesses operate. By supporting progressive and environmentally friendly measures, green businesses secure another advantage over their competitors, and a win for their consumers. Many organizations already tackle a wide variety of environmentally and socially advantageous causes, aiding these programs can prove mutually beneficial for all parties.

Nebraska Reports

Nebraska Recycling Study 2015

Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey (Recycling and Product Stewardship Summary), 2013

Nebraska Waste Characterization Study, 2009

Local Planning

Lincoln Sustainability Plan (Recommendations for a better, more sustainable Lincoln through the Cleaner Greener Lincoln Program)

Omaha By Design (A program from the mayor’s office planning for a more sustainable future for Omaha)

Action Groups & Examples

The Aspen Institute (A collection of environmentally and socially themed policy work undertaken by the institute)

Biodegradable Products Institute (Advocating for the furtherance of biodegradable products)

Call2Recycle (Specialists in battery recycling)

Canopy (Working with businesses to protect the Boreal Forest)

Environmental Working Group (An organization researching, monitoring and advocating for environmentally friendly policy change)

EU Waste and Electrical Equipment Legislation (EU legislation regarding increased product stewardship awareness)

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (A global alliance working to mitigate environmental issues that cause health hazards)

Global e-Sustainability Initiative (Holistically moving towards sustainability)

Healthier Hospitals Initiative (An initiative working to make hospitals safer, more efficient and engaged with the community)

NERC (Simplifying Environmentally Preferred Purchasing)

NRDC (The Natural Resources Defense Council works with and for businesses to further their efforts to create a better world for all)

Product Management Alliance (Extended producer responsibility initiatives and member supported policy advocacy for mandatory take-back programs)

Product Stewardship Institute (Working towards extended producer responsibility to benefit the environment and consumer)

Recycling Reinvented (Advocacy for extend producer responsibility take-back programs)

Responsible Purchasing Network (Advocating and educating on environmentally responsible purchasing and beyond)

Rocky Mountain Institute (A leading organization in planning sustainable societies)

Solar Energy Industries Association (An overview of solar industry topics and advisement for advocating for increased solar opportunities)

Solar Foundation (Research and education to advance solar energy)

World Resources Institute (Working toward solutions in a variety of sustainability related areas)

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.