Continuing education is always essential to keep up with current trends and stay on top of emerging development, especially in the fast moving world of sustainability. Below are resources and groups to help you do so. Also check out our “reference materials” page for more information.


Training & Certification

Archer Institute of Environmental Training (Award winning instruction through numerous courses on sustainability in business)

Climate Masters (A 10 week adult education course centered around a wide array of sustainability topics)

International Society of Sustainability Professionals (Sustainability Professionals Certification Program)

Webinars and Education

Design Strategies (A unique resource for sustainable product design)

Reinventing fire (A series of videos on the Rocky Mountain Institute’s revolutionary work Reinventing Fire)

Responsible Purchasing Network (A series archived webinars on an array of topics)

World Resources Institute (Publications and resources for sustainable enterprise)


Green News Sources

Blue Economy News (Green news from an the Blue Economy team)

Bob Willard Blog (Sustainability topics from a sustainability champion)

Center for Ecoliterary Blog (The Center for Ecoliteracy’s blog, supplying information related to the education of environmental concepts)

Earthzine (News articles and resources sorted into relevant categories)

GreenBiz (The premier leader for developments in sustainable business)

Grist (A resource for commentary on all things environmental)

Strategic Sustainability Consulting Blog (Sustainable Business related topics from a sustainability consulting leader)


Professional Organizations

International Society of Sustainability Professionals (An active organization of collaborating participants from all areas of real-world sustainability)

National Association of Environmental Management (An organization catering their efforts specifically towards EHS Professionals)

National Association of Environmental Professionals (A collaborative organization and resource hub for environmental professionals)

WasteCap's Mission Statement

Our Mission: Eliminating waste in Nebraska through innovation, education and policy change.